A Guide to Groomswear: Wedding Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

When it comes to informal or intimate weddings, you simply can’t go wrong with a well-tailored suit. While formal affairs require you to wear tailcoats, top hats, gloves and the whole shebang, informal weddings are more forgiving when it comes to costs and fashion frivolities. In short, for an informal wedding, forget about the tuxedo and purchase a suit instead.

Purchasing a wonderful suit for your wedding is a great idea especially if you need a new suit for work as well. Every time you wear your suit to work, you’ll be reminded of your joyous nuptials and your loving wife. Aside from the sentimental value, another great advantage of a suit over a tuxedo is that it makes it easier for you to color coordinate and to add a bit of personal style to your less formal groomswear.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

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The following are some tips to help you find the perfect suit for your wedding:

Tip 1: Find a suit that fits you well.

An ill-fitting suit will make you look and feel anything but spectacular. Aside from making you look lousy and unprepared, a badly fitted suit can also impede your movements, making you feel awkward on your big day.

Avoid this feeling by trying on your suit before purchasing it. If you’re in between sizes then pick the bigger size and make the right alterations to get the perfect fit.

Tip 2: Keep tone in mind.

While selecting your wedding suit, keep your wedding’s theme and the formality of the event in mind. Although suits are worn for semi-formal and more casual affairs, a somber and intimate wedding requires less experimentation and more thought about picking out a classic suit over its playful and eccentric counterparts.

A little humor is good, but if your bride is set on keeping the ceremony somber and ceremonial, then its best that you hold back from purchasing an attention-getting neon orange suit or one with wacky retro designs.

Keep in mind how you will look beside your bride in photographs. While she may look stunning in her wedding dress, you, showing up in an unattractive suit, can completely ruin an otherwise perfect couple photo-op

Tip 3: Find the right color.

When it comes to suit color, classic black is always acceptable. You can choose whatever color you want, just as long as your bride agrees with your choice. Aside from black, other great color choices include navy blue and dark gray.

Tip 4: Consider uniformity.

Before you purchase your wedding suit, decide first on whether you want your groomsmen to wear the exact replica of your suit or if you want them to wear similar suits but in another color. The key to keeping your wedding attire organized is refraining from having too many varying suit colors. If you’ll be wearing a gray suit, then make sure all your male attendants will wear a suit that is gray, black or blue.

The advantage of matching suits is that you can purchase or rent all of the suits from one shop only. Color coordination also brings more organization to your photo-ops. With all the men wearing the same colors, you won’t have to worry about someone sticking out of the picture like a sore thumb.

A different suit color for you, however, ensures that you’ll stand out amidst the other men who are part of your wedding entourage. It’s your wedding and you deserve a little more distinction and recognition.

Tip 5: Lastly, go for high quality.

Don’t go for cheap suits that might fall apart while you’re dancing with your new bride. Although you don’t need to buy a designer suit to get high quality groomswear, it’s important that you find a suit that’s sturdy enough to withstand numerous wearings and washings.

There are a lot of inexpensive but high quality suits on the market. You should consider going to a less known designer to find a high quality suit with an affordable price tag.

Check out this groom modeling his new wedding suit.

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