Unique Wedding Photos

Unique Wedding Photos

Every wedding is worth cherishing. Who wouldn’t want to remember the wonderful day they joined as one with the man or woman they love the most? It’s one of the most endearing celebrations in a person’s life, which is why no couple will pass off the chance to have photos taken during their wedding.

They might seem like an unnecessary aspect when you’re tying the knot, but wedding photos play an important part to make your special day extraordinary. While some people simply pull out their Polaroids and start clicking away, there are some who pay very careful attention to this detail. Here are some things to remember when preparing your wedding photos.

Importance Of Wedding Photos

Although photos are very common mementos everyone has nowadays, those taken at weddings have far greater significance than those you shot randomly. If you’re having second thoughts on whether to have or not have photos taken at your wedding, here are some reasons that might convince you.

  • Photos preserve memories. This is the most obvious and most important purpose of wedding pictures. Everyone wants to remember this big day, and photograph are the most effective way of immortalizing the event. Even if years or decades pass, you’ll still feel how wonderful the wedding was by looking at the pictures.
  • They help you thank your guests. You’ve got so many guests at your celebration that you lose track of who came and who didn’t. You don’t know which ones you should send thank you cards to. To help you with this, turn to your wedding photos as reference.
  • Photos make great giveaways. It’s a common trend for people to use wedding photos in their giveaways, like customized CDs with the couple’s photo printed on the case or the guest’s picture placed inside a lovely frame.

Photo Preparations

It’s easy to think that wedding photos are all about aiming, zooming and clicking, but because it’s a very special occasion, you can’t just apply your amateur skills for the pictures. You need to prepare and think about the different aspects carefully, so you’ll end up with stunning photos for your memories. Remember these factors when preparing the wedding photos.

  • What’s the budget? You have to think about the photographer’s fee, the price of the reprints and the albums or frames after the photos have been printed. Even if you’re not hiring a photographer, you still have to spend on materials, equipment and professional printing costs. So expect to spend big bucks on this wedding aspect.
  • See the venue. Doing an ocular inspection on all the wedding locations helps you and photographer figure out the best shots, the lighting considerations and the best features of the venue before the big event.
  • It’s all about you. You’re the star of the celebration, so everything you say matters. Think about what shots you want and how to execute them. Do you want serious shots or wacky portraits? All-colored or black and white? Tell your photographer all these details so he’ll see what he can do.
  • Prepare the gear. If you hire a photographer, this doesn’t have to be a major concern, but if you’re doing your own picture-taking, thinking about this is very important. Prepare the equipment at least a month before the wedding. Check the cameras, get the tripods and get memory cards or spare film. Being fully prepared makes you more confident at the ceremony.
  • Who’s the photographer? A few months before the wedding, start looking for a professional photographer to take care of your wedding photos. Ask your friends or relatives who got married if they know good ones, then check out their galleries and packages and see if they’re okay for you. If you’re doing your own photography, get a trusted friend or relative to take the photos. He must be creative, has an eye for details and a background in photography.

What To Ask The Photographer

Finding and assigning a photographer isn’t enough. You must also know all about the services, packages and what results to expect from his work. Talk to your photographer and ask important questions like:

  • What’s your wedding photography style?
  • What packages do you offer and how much do they cost?
  • What equipment are you using?
  • How many photos will you take?
  • How’s your schedule on the wedding day?
  • How long does it take you to setup your equipment?
  • How many of you will be there to take pictures?
  • Do you have a uniform when you’re doing the photography?
  • How do you work out travel charges?
  • How long will it take for the proofs to be finished?

If you find their all answers to these queries agreeable, then you can commit to the photographer and entrust the wedding photos to him.

Doing It Yourself

If you’re getting hitched on a tight budget, asking someone close to you to take care of the wedding pictures seems practical, but it might have drawbacks, especially if the person you entrusted the duty to isn’t a photography expert. Remember these important tips when doing your own photography.

  • Brief the person about his or her photography duties. He can’t just linger too much and socialize around guests. He must know the flow of the ceremony and program and be alert so he can cover important moments.
  • Get the right equipment. You may need to rent or borrow professional photography tools for your photographer. Make sure he acquaints himself well with them even before the big day.
  • Let him take sample pictures. This allows him to practice proper lighting, exposure, and framing, so all the wedding pictures will look great.
  • Get a back-up photographer. In case your first choice backs out or becomes sick, you’ll still have someone to take the pictures.
  • Never let your film be processed at discount stores or drugstores. Chances are the shots will come out looking dreary or printed on low-quality photo paper. Find a professional lab and have them develop your precious photos.
  • Handle memory cards properly if you’re using digital photography. Don’t leave them lying around or you might lose them or break them.

Couple Photo Ideas – Must-Shoot Wedding Moments

couple photo ideas

Every moment of the big day is exceptional and memorable, but you shouldn’t expect all of them to be photographed. There are some significant parts of the ceremony and that shouldn’t be left out of the pictures. Make sure your photographer takes some shots of these important wedding moments.

  • Bride and groom wedding preparation
  • The bridal march
  • The ceremony
  • The kiss
  • The reception/ wedding program
  • The bride and groom’s first dance
  • The father-daughter dance
  • The send-off

Your wedding is an exciting and heartwarming celebration. Remember to have good wedding photos taken all throughout, to preserve the special moments on your big day. No matter how many years pass, you’ll surely cherish these simple mementos.

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