Wedding Dress Shape Styles: Achieving the Perfect Silhouette

Just as wedding dresses come in different styles, shapes and sizes, brides too have different shapes that set them apart from the next aisle-walker. When picking out your wedding dress, you have to remember that what looks good on a particular celebrity may not do anything for you.

You have to take into consideration your own body shape. Are you pear-shaped? Do you have an hourglass figure that other brides are going to envy? Is your waist well-defined, or is your body more rectangular in shape than anything else? Are you an inverted-triangle?

Whatever body shape you have, be rest assured that there’s a gorgeous and fabulous wedding dress out there that will make you feel every bit the beautiful bride you are. To help you pick out the perfect wedding dress, we’ve made a list of the different wedding dress shape styles designed to provide you with a gorgeous silhouette.

The A-Line Dress

Although you can argue that the A-line dress shape is more a skirt style than anything, it does dictate the overall silhouette of your dress. A-line dresses are comparatively less full than ball gowns and ballerina skirts. The skirt of your dress still flares out, either to form a dropped or a natural waistline an “A” or triangular shape. There are usually no seams present at the waistline of A-line wedding gowns.

There are so many things to love about this wedding dress shape, such as its clean cut, classic design and elegance. It also suits anyone regardless of their body type. To make your A-line dress more figure-fabulous, remember that the wider your hips, the wider the base of your skirt should be.

  • Perfect if: you have a slim waist or wide hips. If you have slim hips, you can still pull this dress off, because the natural “A” shape helps hide the actual size of your hips.
  • Avoid: never! The dress suits brides of all shapes and sizes. A few words of warning, though: if you have a small bust, you might want to find a neckline that creates the illusion of a fuller bosom. If you have a thick waist, this dress will be suitable but it wouldn’t be the most flattering cut for you since a fitted bodice will only emphasize your undefined waist.

Asymmetrical Dress

While the A-line dress pertains more to skirt styles, the asymmetrical dress focuses more on the neckline than the actual hem of the gown. This look is pretty unusual, but looks amazing with a slightly flared skirt. It showcases gorgeous shoulders and beautiful arms. If you’re naturally curvy, you can go for a soft and subtle flowing skirt style.

  • Perfect if: you have beautiful arms and gorgeous shoulders.
  • Avoid if: you have square shoulders, since this style of neckline will only emphasize your shoulders.

The Ball Gown

The ball gown is the “poof-ier” version of the A-line dress. This dress shape usually has a fitted bodice that draws focus to the waistline, and an incredibly full and large skirt. A number of ball gowns use multiple layers of tulle to create the illusion of volume. Hoops can also be added under the skirt to help the dress maintain its shape. Think Cinderella or Disney Princess when you don this beautiful wedding dress.

  • Perfect if: you’re slim and tall or if you have a slightly pear-shaped figure, a rectangular figure, a triangular figure or a slim hourglass figure.
  • Avoid if: you’re petite, since this type of dress will dwarf you. Also avoid this style if you have a large hourglass figure or a very noticeable pear-shaped figure since the voluminous skirt will only emphasize the width of your hips.

Bias Cut Dress

The bias cut dress has a diagonal cut that’s simply perfect for the statuesque bride. Its chic, sleek and elegant style never fails to bring old Hollywood charm to mind. This style is a red carpet favorite for Hollywood A-listers, making it no surprise that millions of brides prefer this wedding dress style as well.

  • Perfect if: you’re going for a posh look for your wedding. If you have a slim figure, then the bias cut dress is definitely the best choice for you. Although it flatters tall brides, this dress shape can be equally flattering if you have a petite figure.
  • Avoid if: you’re distinctly pear-shaped. The bias cut dress may be long and flowing, but it hugs you right in the area you should be masking—your hips. It’s also not advisable if you’re on the healthier side of the figure spectrum, since it showcases all your curves, even the ones you’d wish to keep secret.

The Sheath Dress

The sheath dress or the column dress is known for providing its wearer a slim silhouette. With column dresses, the fabric naturally skims and follows the wearer’s curves. Although some column dresses may have waist seams, there are also some that are essentially sheath dresses.

  • Perfect if: you’re tall, slim or have a triangular or rectangular body shape.
  • Avoid if: you’re pear-shaped or you have full hips since the slim cut of the dress will simply over-emphasize your hips. If you’re petite, this dress shape will only make you appear smaller. Also avoid if you have a full-figure, because this dress will only emphasize more curves than you want it to.

The Empire Line Dress

The skirt style, compared to the A-line dress is certainly a lot less figure-hugging. The waist or the beginning of the skirt for this type of dress shape usually begins directly under the bride’s bust, flowing softly from there.

  • Perfect if: you’re a petite bride. This type of dress guarantees a taller appearance. The high waistline also works well if you have small breasts. If you’re sporting big hips, you may want to combine the empire line dress with an A-line skirt to help hide wide hips. For the illusion of length, go for an empire line dress with a column skirt. Lastly, if you’re after concealing your tummy region, whether you’re pregnant or simply battling unwanted pounds, the empire line dress is perfect for you!
  • Avoid if: you’re already tall on your own. This will only emphasize your statuesque appearance. If you have an hourglass figure, you should also go for something that showcases your lovely curves.

The Ballerina Dress

Much like the classic ball gown, the ballerina dress or the full skirt style has a voluminous quality to its skirt. The skirt is usually created from layers of sheer and crisp fabrics like tulle. The bodice is usually fitted to create a stark and dramatic contrast between the upper body and the wide base of the skirt.

  • Perfect if: you have a full bust and slim hips. This type of dress shape will balance out the dimensions of your body, giving you that “fairytale princess” appearance.
  • Avoid if: you have a small bust, since the wide and large skirt will only emphasize the size of your breasts. Also avoid this style if you’re petite, to avoid disappearing under the layers of tulle. If you have big hips, avoid this type of dress shape, since contrary to popular belief, the large skirt will only over emphasize your wide hips.

The Mermaid Dress

The mermaid dress is one of the most romantic dress shapes on our list. The top of this dress can resemble the sheath dress, free-flowing and barely skimming your curves, but once you reach the hip section, the dress becomes a little more form-fitting but flares once again below the knee. These dresses are pretty form-fitting, making the mermaid dress the perfect outfit to show off your curves.

A fishtail dress, on the other hand, is simply a variation of the mermaid dress, except that the majority of the flaring occurs at the back of the dress forming a small train.

  • Perfect if: you have a slim to medium built and chest size or an hourglass figure. This style of dress is designed to showcase all your curves to perfection.
  • Avoid if: you are pear-shaped or full-figured. Your curves need to be proportional for this dress shape to work properly. The hip-hugging element of this dress is really not suitable if you have a flat backside or if you’re pear-shaped.

The Princess dress

The most popular design of the mermaid dress is a strapless gown with an A-Line skirt. There are numerous variations of this dress that you can choose from. You can find princess dresses with shoulder straps and even pleats. What sets this dress shape apart from other styles is its fitted bodice and the use of the A-Line skirt to balance off the body’s dimensions—creating a lovely hourglass physique.

  • Perfect if: you’re on the heavy side since its classic and elegant designs will give you the illusion of length and height, provided you have a medium-sized bust area. If you’re very well endowed, don’t pick the strapless version of this dress.
  • Avoid if: you’re petite and extremely slim, or if you’re sporting a small bust. This dress will only emphasize the fact that you’re not very well endowed in that department.

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