The Dinner Jacket & Tuxedo Vest: A Worthy Investment For The Groom

You can expect your bride to look absolutely spectacular in a gorgeous wedding gown; now it’s up to you to show the rest of the world exactly why your bride thinks you are the cream of the crop.

For a formal or semi-formal wedding, you can’t go wrong with a perfectly tailored tux. Tuxedos, much like other types of formal wear, usually consist of several articles of clothing. The three essential pieces are the jacket, trousers and shirt, but your entire wedding wardrobe ensemble does not stop there. You also need to find the right accessories to complement your wedding attire.

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You need to decide whether you’re going for a tuxedo vest or a cummerbund, a bow tie or an ascot, and cuff links or button covers to add some style and sparkle to your outfit.

Most grooms prefer vests over cummerbunds, probably because vests work well with both single and double breasted tuxedos. Read on to find out more about the formal tuxedo vest.

The Tuxedo Vest

A tuxedo vest is one of the most popular types of accessories worn by grooms. Tuxedo vests are worn over the formal shirt and under the tuxedo jacket.

Through layering or adding the vest over the formal shirt, tuxedo vests provide additional bulk to the wearer’s frame, the perfect option for slight and slender grooms.

These vests can be bought in any store where tuxedos are either sold or rented. For beautiful vests with equally pleasant price tags, find the perfect tuxedo vest online.

When to Wear the Tuxedo Vest

Vests are usually worn to black-tie affairs. They are a staple in men’s formal wear, and are usually worn to formal and semi-formal weddings. If you plan on having an intimate or semi-formal affair, decide on whether or not you’ll be wearing a tuxedo or a suit to the event. If you will be wearing a tuxedo, add the vest for some added flair and panache.

Rules for Wearing the Tuxedo Vest

Wear the tuxedo vest with a black tailcoat, a white tie, a wing collared shirt and matching trousers to a white tie event. For day weddings, pick a gray tuxedo vest to help create a lighter contrast against your tuxedo jacket.

Never wear your vest with a cummerbund. The choice is always either/or, meaning it’s a giant fashion faux pas to go to any event wearing both articles of clothing simultaneously.

If you’re wearing a double breasted tuxedo, you need to keep your jacket buttoned up, meaning you have the option to forgo wearing either a cummerbund or a vest under your jacket.

Keep in mind that you’re never supposed to wear your tuxedo with a belt. If your pants keep slipping, then wear suspenders under your vest instead.

If you want to add a dash of personal style to your vest, pick a fullback vest that has a contrasting back. Once you remove your jacket, there is no doubt that people will be drawn to your paisley or plaid back.

Lastly, go for wool or cotton vests over their silk counterparts to avoid looking gaudy.

Choosing Your Tuxedo Vest

The following are some tips for finding the perfect tuxedo vest for your wedding.

Tip #1: Set yourself apart from the crowd.

Being the groom, you have to look different from the rest of your male attendants. You can do this by either wearing a different colored vest or a different colored tuxedo.

Tip #2: For formal events, don’t go for bright colors or distracting patterns.

Bright colors tend to take away the formality of the attire. Avoid looking like a festive clown on your wedding day by picking a simple and stylish vest. The same rule applies to your tie and cummerbund.

Tip 3: Lastly, for formal events, pick a vest with a pique collar.

Pique-collared vests are extremely stylish and very formal. Most pique-collared vests are sold in black or white. For a less formal wedding, you can go for colored or brocade versions.

Here’s a video for tips in choosing a tuxedo vest.

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