Men’s Tuxedo Suspenders: The Key to Better-Fitting Trousers

Your wedding is, no doubt, one of the most important days of your life. For a momentous occasion like this, it’s crucial that you find wedding attire that is equally memorable. Remember that your wedding day is going to be immortalized by the numerous photo-ops and video clips taken by close friends, relatives or professionals that you hired for this purpose.

You can expect your bride to look her most stunning on this big day, and it’s up to you to match her elegant outfit. When it comes to formal weddings, you have no other recourse but to don either a well-tailored suit or the perfect tuxedo.

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Now, if you’re the type of guy who goes to work in jeans and a tee-shirt, and you likely won’t be attending any other occasion on which you’d be required to dress up, then it would save you big money to simply rent a suit or a tuxedo instead of purchasing a brand new outfit.

Trouser size is one of the main problems encountered by grooms and other young men when renting a tuxedo or a suit. To avoid having to tug up your pants for the entire ceremony and reception, find the right groomswear accessories designed to help you with your simple wardrobe predicaments.


Your first instinct when it comes to ill-fitting pants might be the easy solution of wearing a great belt with your tuxedo or suit. Although it might be acceptable to wear a belt with your semi-formal suit, it’s definitely a big no-no when it comes to tuxedos.

If you need to hike up stubborn tuxedo trousers, do so with great suspenders. Get it out of your system that only old professors, geeks or nerds wear suspenders. Although you may not be wearing your suspenders with cowboy jeans or cord pants, this wardrobe accessory is considered a fashionable way of adding a dash of sophistication and style to men’s formal wear.

Suspenders, also called braces, refer to elastic fabric straps that are used to hold up trousers. Most of the straps used for suspenders are completely elasticised and made from woven cloth. The back of suspenders may have either a Y-back or an X-back crosspatch with leather end tabs attached with either buttons or clips.

Consider your suspenders an excellent fashion accessory with an extremely practical purpose.

Choosing Your Suspenders

There are many different types of suspenders on the market. The following are some tips designed to help you pick out the perfect suspenders for your formal wedding.

Tip 1: Base your choice on how you want to attach your suspenders to your trousers.

Suspenders can either be clipped, hooked, Perry hooked or buttoned onto your trousers. Pick suspenders that are highly convenient, or those that can be attached to your trousers easily. Keep in mind that suspenders with buttons will require you to modify or alter a part of your trousers, while suspenders with clips won’t cause wardrobe modifications.

Tip 2: Pick a subdued color that either complements or matches your trousers.

If your wedding is going to be ultra-formal, neon green suspenders peeking out of your tuxedo will instantly take you from suave leading man to wedding clown. Basic black or white suspenders are highly recommended. Brown or gray suspenders may also look good depending on the color of your tuxedo.

Tip 3: Find the right suspender size.

There are a number of suspender makers that claim to have one-size-fits-all” products. Most suspenders actually come in different lengths, with adjustable straps. The key to finding the right suspender size is to take your height and your waist size into consideration.

Tip 4: Choose between “X” and “Y.”

Suspenders have either X-back or Y-back crosspatches. Although the difference may be somewhat subtle, it’s important that you know your choices. Pick the style that appeals to you best.

Tip 5: Lastly, try on different suspenders before making your purchase.

Suspenders have varying strap widths. Try on your choice of suspenders before buying them to see if you’re comfortable with the width and the length of your chosen suspenders.

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