Showing Off Shoulders: The Strapless Wedding Dress

Your wedding is bound to be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s only natural that you want to look your absolute best during the ceremony. A momentous day requires a fabulous outfit, and what better way to shine at your own wedding than to be decked in the most beautiful and figure-flattering wedding dress?

Wedding dresses come in different shapes, styles, sizes and colors. One of the most popular wedding dress styles, adored and worn by countless modern brides, is the strapless wedding dress.

What Is It?

The strapless wedding dress is very popular with young brides. The dress is without sleeves or straps, and has a neckline that is strapless and either straight or slightly curved. A variant of the strapless neckline is the sweetheart neckline, which is shaped like the top half of a heart at the woman’s bustline.

Why We Love It

Aside from looking playfully sexy without seeming indecent, the strapless wedding dress is also very chic, sleek and elegant. Depending on the skirt style, your strapless wedding dress can make you look like a classic bride in a princess gown or a modern bride in a strapless minidress.

We also love this gorgeous wedding dress because it allows the bride to showcase her beautiful collarbones and lovely shoulders. Although the strapless dress is almost universally flattering, there are some instances in which you might want to pick a different gown style.

  • Wear if: you wish to show off your décolletage, gorgeous shoulders and beautiful collarbones.
  • Pass if: you have a small bosom, large arms, sloping shoulders or undefined collarbones.

Where to Look

You can find this wonderful wedding dress in any bridal boutique, high street shop, designer store or online shop. Due to its popularity, variations of the strapless wedding dress appear in different bridal magazines.

If you’re looking for an extensive selection of strapless wedding dresses, your best bet is to look online. Shopping for your wedding dress online allows you to make price and dress design comparisons between different designers and various online stores.

When ordering online, make sure you pick the right size. Your wedding dress size may be different than what you thought was your actual clothes size, so you may want to check the measurements of the gown before your place your order.

What to Look For

While the term “;strapless”; pertains simply to the style of the gown’s neckline, strapless wedding dresses come in different shapes and skirt styles. You need to find a strapless wedding dress that works well with your body shape.

As in the case of wedding dresses, brides too come in different shapes and sizes. Before going for just any type of strapless wedding dress, get to know the different dress shapes and skirt styles that work best with your specific body shape. Find out first if your figure is shaped like an hourglass, a rectangle, pear or an inverted triangle.

To help you with your choice of skirt style or dress shape, we’ve picked out some of the best skirt styles that match a strapless neckline.

Princess Dress:

Undoubtedly one of the most popular wedding dress designs, the princess dress boasts of a glorious strapless neckline and a wonderfully flaring A-Line skirt. The fitted bodice of the princess dress combined with the A-Line skirt balances the body’s dimensions, giving your figure a wonderful hourglass shape. The princess dress gives an illusion of length and height to your frame, making you appear leaner and taller.

If you’re on the petite side, or if you’re slim with a small bosom, then avoid this style since the dress will only emphasize your petite proportions.

Strapless Ball Gown:

Remember the dress that Cinderella wore to the ball? That’s what you call a ball gown. The ball gown is the poof-ier version of your ballerina skirt or your A-line skirt. The strapless bodice is usually fitted, with accents and beading on the waistline to emphasize the bride’s waist.

The strapless ball gown is your perfect choice if you’re tall and slim, rectangle-shaped or pear-shaped, triangular or have a slim hourglass frame. With this type of dress, you’ll look and feel just like a beautiful Disney Princess.

Avoid this dress style if you’re on the petite side. The voluminous skirt made of layers of tulle can and will dwarf your small figure. You should also steer clear from the ball gown if you have a full-figured hourglass shape since the dress will only make you appear bigger than you actually are.

Strapless Mermaid Dress:

The mermaid dress is one of the most feminine and figure-hugging dress styles on our list. A strapless mermaid dress has a bodice a lot like your typical sheath dress. The fabric is free-flowing, gently hugging your curves with a skirt that flares just below your knees.

The strapless mermaid dress is perfect for the bride with a slim to medium sized bosom and built. If you have a slim hourglass figure, then this dress will definitely show off all your lovely curves.

Avoid this dress style if you’re full-figured or pear-shaped. With this revealing and figure-hugging dress all your curves will show, even the ones you’d rather keep hidden.

Finding the Right Accessories

The strapless wedding dress usually has a fitted bodice. Although your skirt style directly affects the overall look of your dress, you can add detailing and appliqués to the dress’ bodice to bring the focus to your upper body. Floral appliqués, embroideries and beading are great ways to add color and design to an otherwise plain dress.

You can also use gorgeous jewelry like chandelier earrings, diamond-studded bracelets or a gorgeous choker to bring a little extra-sparkle to your strapless wedding gown. If you’re going for a traditional look, then a tiara is a great way to keep your veil in place during the wedding ceremony.

For winter weddings, gloves and winter clothes that match the color and fabric of your dress are fabulous ways of looking chic and vogue while keeping comfortable and warm. If you’re carrying a bouquet, pick flowers that match your wedding’s color theme. You can also go for pristine white blooms for a lovely, crisp and clean appearance.

Want more strapless wedding gown designs? Just watch the video below.

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