Punk Goth Wedding Dresses – Who Said Dresses Had to Be Traditional?

Fashion and style, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A wedding is no reason to turn ones back upon her entire style philosophy. A wedding that fits your taste is all that is required.

So if you are one of those couples that want their wedding to be a reflection of their individual style and beliefs – not what everyone else thinks their wedding should look like – then, go for it! Of course, you already knew to do that.

One form of individuality is the Punk and Goth styles and Punk Goth Wedding Dresses are becoming increasingly popular as weddings are made more individualistic. Although punk and Goth fashion styles may differ, they have several unifying elements, one main one being the color “black.” Beginning the hunt for a Punk Goth Wedding Dress will not only be extremely fun, but can start opening the door for making your day as memorable to your guests as it will be for you.

Many people hold their own definitions as to what both “punk” and “Goth” are. From the fashion side of things, the punk look is somewhat unkempt, especially in contrast with the often elaborate styling found in Gothic clothing. Though the punk culture has numerous subdivisions, common elements of punk fashion include: ripped, tattered, torn or shredded materials, blazers or jackets, often 1970s or 1980s styles; studs and safety pins; chains and plaids.

On the other hand, Gothic fashion is usually divided into two main groups. The first group leans towards Victorian-era fashion trends, with romantic lace and velvet. The second group features a harder look, often incorporation leather into the clothing. Obviously there is quite a contrast between these, so your choice for incorporating “Goth” into your wedding fashion will be all about a personal one. The main thing in common is that both groups tend to emphasize the body through tight and/or revealing clothing.

If you are in the market for Punk Goth Wedding Dresses, there are a few things you can do to help you decide on one that fits your individual taste and vision.

Design It Yourself

You can design one yourself and have a tailor create it for you. This way, you will have a dress that totally defines your uniqueness and fits you perfectly! If this is the avenue you wish to pursue, the reward can be absolutely great, and you should start by finding pictures of elements you want to incorporate and a designer you feel has the skill to bring your vision to life. If you are on a budget, this may not be the best solution since custom wedding dresses can often be more on the expensive side and definitely time consuming.

Alter an off-the-rack Wedding Dress

If having someone tailor a dress for you is not appealing, there are still plenty of solutions open to you. First, simply alter a regular wedding dress! You may even consider going on the hunt for one that’s vintage, from the punk era of the 70′s and 80′s to give you an even more unique starting point and then go to town altering it. Following are some “altering” ideas for Punk Goth Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Adding a tight black lace corset (or any dark color)
  • Ripping the train off and using safety pins to reattach
  • Shredding the hemline of a gown
  • Cutting a deeper neckline
  • Tearing into top layers of satin, leaving edges jagged
  • Adding a plaid layer to a tiered skirt
  • Taking out any crinoline
  • Shortening the dress length to knee or above
  • Adding black leather trim around the hem and neck

Buy or Rent One Ready to Go

Or, one other means is to simply just go on the hunt for Punk Goth Wedding Dresses that are already available. Google Punk Goth Wedding Dresses and you’re certain to find a variety of ideas and places to purchase from. Visit alternative clothing boutiques. An excellent cost-savings idea would be to rent a costume – it’s way possible to find exactly the right elements for the perfect Goth Punk Wedding Gown from a theatrical costume rental store.

In the end this day is all about your and your fiancé, not everyone else, so just have fun and use your imagination to incorporate the elements you feel are necessary for your Punk Goth Wedding!

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