Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Look Instyle on Your Big Day

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Picking out the perfect plus size wedding dress shouldn’t have to be too different from any other wedding dress shopping escapade. It’s understandable that you want to look your best on your big day, and it’s only natural that you want to find a plus size wedding dress that flatters your figure.

A few decades ago, full figured brides had difficulties finding comfortable and stylish plus size wedding dresses. The selection of wedding dresses created for women with bigger sizes were incredibly limited, and those dresses that were in stock were mostly dowdy and unflattering.

But the fashion world has developed greatly. More and more fashion designers are creating gorgeous garments for full-figured women. You can now find fabulous plus size wedding dresses in virtually any style or design you want.

Choosing the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

The following are some tips designed to help you pick out the perfect plus size wedding dress for you.

Tip 1: Base your choice on your body shape.

Brides come in different shapes and sizes. Knowing your body shape can help you find the dress that suits your figure best. While you may not be able to go for ball gown, since the rounded skirt can make you appear larger than you actually are, you can still look and feel like a princess with a flattering A-Line wedding dress.

The A-Line skirt is perfect if you have curvy hips. If you pick this dress style, keep in mind this simple rule: the wider your hips, the bigger your skirt base.

If you have a gorgeous bosom, show off some cleavage with a wonderful v-neck wedding dress. Also refrain from wearing a tea-length gown, since it will only make your legs appear stumpy.

Floor-length gowns are not only more formal, they are also the practical choice.

Tip 2: Find out what flatters and rejoice in your curves.

Real women have curves, and some of us may have a few unwanted bulges here and there, but that’s really nothing to despair.

Don’t fall for the argument that to look great you have to hide behind layers and layers of cloth. You’re going to need to avoid bulk to refrain from looking chunkier or bigger than you actually are. Too much cloth can make you look and feel frumpy.

Ribbons, bows and ruffles are all feminine and nice, but if you’re full-figured, these won’t mask your imperfections, but will rather draw attention to spots you’d rather keep hidden. Focus all your attention on finding a dress that flatters your figure instead of going for one that hides them.

If you’re well endowed in the chest region, then show it off. Remember that if you have beautiful shoulders, it’s a crime to hide in a long-sleeved, turtleneck number. Show off your sexy self and wear your gorgeous wedding dress with confidence.

Tip 3: Be a smart shopper:

If you’re working with a tight budget, then visit retail chains with massive selections of wonderful plus size wedding dresses. Most bridal boutiques, high street stores and designer shops also have larger sizes of different wedding dresses. Try on as many dresses as you want to see how each dress shape looks on your figure.

If you don’t quite fancy falling in line and buying dresses off the rack, then you can find great plus size wedding dresses online. Remember, your wedding dress size may be a bit different from your ordinary size. To avoid purchasing a dress that’s too small or too big, go to a seamstress or get your measurements taken by someone from the bridal boutique.

Tip 4: Be comfortable with your dress choice.

Learn to love your curves and wear your wedding dress with pride. You may be wearing the most gorgeous wedding dress available, but if you don’t feel comfortable then it’ll show. Pick out a dress that doesn’t impede movement to avoid constantly tugging at your gown.

Tip 5: Have your dress made by a great seamstress.

Regardless of your size, the right seamstress can make you look and feel sexy with the right plus size wedding dress style.

Tip 6: Give time for alterations.

It’s never too early to start shopping for your wedding dress. If you purchase a dress online, then make sure you do so months before your actual wedding. Most wedding dresses require some alterations so make time for trips to the seamstress.

Let these 6 simple tips guide you in picking out your wedding dress.

More of the Beautiful Plus Size Gown choices, see the video.

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