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Pleated Tuxedo Shirts

When it comes to men’s fashion, there is nothing more formal or popular than the wedding tuxedo. The tuxedo is the most famous type of men’s formal wear available. Just like any other multi-piece suit, the tuxedo is composed of several different pieces: trousers, a jacket and a formal shirt or tuxedo shirt.

The tuxedo shirt is an essential part of your tuxedo ensemble. Finding the best tuxedo shirt for the occasion is a must when it comes to looking your best on your wedding day. For an ultra-formal wedding ceremony, pick a pleated front formal shirt you can wear under your choice of tuxedo jacket.

The Pleated Front Shirt

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The pleated front shirt is very popular due to its elegant and stylish design. The word “pleat” refers to a specific fabric fold that is formed by doubling the fabric over itself, and securing it.

For formal shirts or tuxedo shirts, a pleated front is achieved by decorating or folding the fabric almost fully “accordion-style” on the shirt’s bib. Pleated front shirts have vertical pleats that are evenly-sized and spaced. These vertical pleats can be stitched or ironed securely in place.

The width of the pleats on a formal shirt may range from one eighth of an inch to an inch thick. Pleated shirts with very narrow pleats are also called pintuck bibs. For extremely small pleats, the double-folded fabric needs to be sewn in place to keep the design durable.

Pleated front shirts are considered more formal than a plain or flat front shirt. The pleats also add a little more character and sophistication.

Pleated Front Shirt Styles

Now that you know the advantages of wearing pleated front shirts, you have to decide on the formal shirt type to go for: the mandarin tuxedo shirt, the laydown collar tuxedo shirt or the wing collar tuxedo shirt?

  • Mandarin Collar Shirt: Also known as the band collar shirt, this tuxedo shirt is popular for its unusual, stand-up collar, fastened close with the use of a single button in front of the shirt.
  • Laydown Collar Shirt: The laydown collar tuxedo shirt has the same collar style as your average polo shirt.
  • Wing Collar Shirt: Otherwise known as the winged tip tuxedo shirt, the wing collar shirt is characterized by its collar style. It’s the happy medium between the mandarin collar shirt and the laydown collar shirt. Wing collar shirts have the same stand-up collar as the mandarin collar shirt, but it also has small, pointed collar ends, just like the laydown collar shirt.

Make your decision based on the type of tuxedo jacket you plan on wearing.

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