Picking Out Your Detachable Train Wedding Dress

The idea of the perfect wedding gown differs from bride to bride. While some brides may be dreaming of a giant ball gown with ribbons, others may be perfectly content with a simple and chic sheath dress. When picking out your wedding gown, there’s one factor that you’ll have to consider, and this is whether to go for a wedding gown train or to forgo it.

When we say wedding gown train, the image that comes to mind is that of a bride with a massive and long train trailing behind her as she makes her way down the aisle. If you’re hoping to find the right wedding train for your gown, keep in mind that wedding trains come in different lengths and styles.

To help you decide on whether or not you should go for a train, and what type of train you should have, this article provides a list of train lengths complete with descriptions. Let your search for the right wedding gown train length begin!

Wedding Gown Train Lengths

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Here, wedding train lengths are presented from longest to shortest. Pick the train length that appeals to you most.

  • The Royal/Monarch Train: This train length is fit for royalty. Even the late and the great Princess Diana was required to wear a traditional royal train for her wedding with Prince Charles. The royal train, also known as the monarch train, is typically around nine feet long from the gown’s waistline. When it comes to ultra-formal weddings, you can’t go wrong with the royal train.
  • Cathedral Length Train: The cathedral length train is another fabulous option for formal weddings. Falling seven to eight feet from the waist, this train length gives you a charming fairytale look. Most gowns today can come with removable or detachable trains to allow you better and freer movement at the reception.
  • Semi-Cathedral Length Train: Falling approximately five to seven feet from the waistline, the semi-cathedral length train is a great alternative to the cathedral length train. It’s perfect for semi-formal or formal weddings.
  • Chapel Length Train: Probably the most common train on our list, the chapel length train provides you with an elegant appearance minus the mobility issues. The short train falls around four feet from your gown’s waistline. It’s the best choice for semi-formal and even informal weddings.

Since we’ve presented you with your train length options, here’s a situation depicting why sometimes it’s better to simply forget the wedding gown train.

If you plan on holding an outdoor ceremony, it’s better to forgo the train.
When outdoors, your pristine gown is susceptible to stains. With a train trailing behind you, you can be sure that before the end of the ceremony, your train will have one of the following problems:

  • grass stains
  • mud stains
  • dead leaves swept under your gown
  • stray twigs stuck on the beading or on lace of your train
  • all of the above.

Your choice on whether or not you should go for a wedding gown train should be based on practicality as well as aesthetics. Although the wedding gown train is a perfect addition to numerous wedding gowns, remember that it’s more of a gown option than a gown requirement.

Check out samples of wedding gown trains from the video below.

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