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The Nu-Georgette Wedding Dress – Not Just for Bridesmaids

Georgette Wedding Dress

When it comes to picking out your wedding dress, you have to consider something other than your dress color, shape, size or style. Your chosen fabric can and will directly affect your gown’s overall look. While most blushing brides go gaga over tried and tested luxury fabrics like silk and satin, it’s important that you know you’re not limited to these fabrics alone.

Nu-Georgette may be a popular fabric when it comes to the creation of tea-length and ankle-length bridesmaid dresses, but did you know that your very own wedding gown can be constructed from this incredibly comfortable swatch?

Read on to learn more about Nu-Georgette wedding dresses.

What Is Nu-Georgette Wedding Dress?

We’re not talking about specific dress styles when we talk about the Nu-Georgette dress. We’re talking about fabric—100% polyester Georgette fabric that’s comfortable to touch and fabulously lightweight.

Nu-Georgette dresses come in different shapes, styles and designs.

Why We Love It

Aside from being absolutely comfortable, we love the Nu-Georgette dress for its wonderful and graceful flowing nature. Since it comes in a variety of different designs, you can purchase a Nu-Georgette dress that hugs your curves perfectly or skims them lightly to subtly add some mystery to your frame.

You can wear the Nu-Georgette dress on your summer wedding, or wear it with wedding over clothes for a winter ceremony. The dress, just like its fabric, is wonderfully timeless.

Brides of all shapes and sizes can pull off the Nu-Georgette dress, provided of course that the right wedding dress shape and style is chosen.

Where to Look

You can find a wide variety of Nu-Georgette dresses in malls, bridal boutiques, designer stores, bridal wear catalogs, high street stores and various online shops.

For an awesome selection of Nu-Georgette dresses, we suggest you check the various dress collections online. When making your purchase, remember to check if you’re getting the right size. Wedding dress sizing can be a bit tricky; you may find your normal dress size to be a bit too tight when it comes to wedding dresses.

Heading to a bridal boutique and getting your measurements or looking at the provided dress measurements thoroughly can help you avoid an otherwise nasty and disappointing scenario. After all, what could be more disappointing than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your wedding dress only to find out it doesn’t fit?

What to Look For

When picking your Nu-Georgette dress design, take into consideration your body shape, your assets, your problem areas and your height. Look for the neckline, sleeve style, skirt style and dress shape that flatters your body shape the best.

If you’re on the petite side, then an empire, V-neck dress with a slight train can help give you the illusion of height. Since the fabric is light, you can use this fantastic white garment at a beach wedding.

For an outdoor wedding, go for a sweet and sexy tea-length Nu-Georgette dress. A sweetheart neckline or a strapless neckline is your perfect option when looking to show off some décolletage. If you’re pear-shaped, then a simple A-Line gown with a slightly wide base can help create the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.

To emphasize a small waist, go for a sash in matte satin to help show off the quality of the Nu-Georgette fabric.

Finding the Right Accessories

Finding the right accessories for your dress depends on the overall look and style of your garment. If the dress is already loaded with embroidery, ribbons and other fabric designs, then you may want to refrain from piling on chunky jewelry. For a simple and clean-cut dress, then go for a nice chain necklace with a lovely pendant or even a diamond bracelet to add more sparkle to your look.

As for your veil, you can keep things neat by using a barrette or a tiara. For a more informal look or for an outdoor wedding, you can go for a wonderful headpiece made of a garland of fresh flowers.

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