Longer Legs with Slingback Footwear

One of the most important bridal accessories you need to find is the perfect pair of bridal shoes. One of the most popular wedding shoe styles is the wedding slingback.

Slingbacks have a distinct style that makes these fashionable shoes easily identifiable: the strap connected to the shoe top that hugs the back of the foot.

In most cases, slingback straps are adjustable and can be loosened or tightened according to the wearer’s needs. These shoes are not only stylish; they’re also extremely practical.

Another advantage of going for slingbacks is that you don’t have to worry about your shoes making your legs appear stumpy. While ankle straps may give you the appearance of having shorter legs, slingbacks help lengthen the appearance of your legs, making your gams appear longer and thinner.

Choosing Your Wedding Slingbacks

These gorgeous shoes come in different designs, styles, colors and heel heights. Since picking out bridal shoes, or any type of shoes for that matter, is never an easy affair, we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips designed to find you your perfect wedding slingbacks.

Tip 1: Know your choices.

We can’t stress this enough. You can’t make an educated and well thought-out decision if you don’t know all your different options. As this article already points out, slingbacks refer more to the construction of the shoe than its actual design.

You will find a number of low-heeled, high-heeled, mid-heeled pumps and sandals with slingback styles. Peep-toe slingbacks are also very popular with modern brides. Pick the shoe that fits the occasion and the situation best.

Tip 2: When deciding the heel-height and material, take the setting into consideration.

If you’re having a beach wedding, then it’s never a wise idea to go for slingback stilettos. A far better and safer alternative to stylish slingback stilettos are kitten-heeled slingback sandals.

Outdoor weddings may also require you to walk over uneven surfaces. To avoid tumbling down the aisle, make sure your heels are of mid-height or slightly smaller.

For church or indoor weddings, you can pick out stilettos or high-heeled wedding slingbacks, provided you can walk in heels easily.

Tip 3: When buying your wedding slingbacks, make sure your shoes match your dress.

Color coordination is very important when it comes to looking fashionable and stylish. For the traditional white dress, go for white or pale-pearl wedding slingbacks. For a cream-colored or off-white dress, ivory and pearl slingbacks are advised.

Another factor to consider is the fabric of your wedding slingbacks. As much as possible, go for bridal shoe-fabrics that are similar to your wedding dress fabric. If you’re wearing a lacy wedding dress, then slingbacks with lace designs are recommended. For a silk or satin dress, go for satin slingbacks that complement your dress.

Tip 4: Don’t buy the first pair of shoes you see.

There are numerous choices out there. To make sure you get a great pair of shoes for an amazing deal, continue looking around before you make your purchase. A number of online stores and shoe providers sell fabulous slingbacks for half the price of the designer shoes in your local boutique. Keep price and variety in mind while you shop to avoid choosing the wrong shoes.

Tip 5: Go for wedding slingbacks with excellent embellishments.

It’s always lovely to have a great pair of shoes that reflects your vogue and stylish nature. To add a little more sparkle and flair to your attire, choose wedding slingbacks with exquisite designs that will bring attention to your lovely feet. Embroidered slingbacks and beaded slingbacks are always topnotch choices when it comes to bridal footwear.

Tip 6: Lastly, shop with a friend or a close family member.

Second, third and even fourth opinions are crucial when it comes to finding the perfect bridal shoes. Never underestimate the advantages of having close friends or family members to watch over you while you shop. Aside from preventing you from entering a bad deal, they can also stop you from making a big mistake, such as purchasing ugly shoes for your wedding.

This video will help you figure out the perfect shoe on your wedding.

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