Laydown Collar Tuxedo Shirt: The Stiff One

The laydown collar shirt is one of the most common types of shirt that grooms choose to wear on their big day. The shirt screams elegance yet gives off an aura of simplicity that many people find attractive.

The laydown collar shirt isn’t only great for formal occasions but it is also one of the preferred choices for weddings. It can be adorned with a bowtie or a necktie, depending on what the groom wants, but any kind of accessory can be added to this gorgeous shirt. Even without accessories, this shirt still screams style.

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When you wear this shirt on your wedding day, it is proper to wear it with a jacket. Don’t worry; when you’re ready to boogie down during the reception, the jacket is no longer a necessity so you can’t whip it off and show the world just how awesome you look in that collared shirt
The shirt got its name from the way its collar rests. The collar has a certain shape to it that makes it distinct from others.

The collar literally is laid down because while other collars look like they’re just resting on the shirt, this collar is flat and sticks to the garment. For the collar to lie down more, the collar is usually stiff, making it difficult for it to come undone. This is perfect for men because it spares them the hassle of an undone collar. If you enjoy reading this article, might as well learn The Guide To Wedding Tuxedo.

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