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Going for Tea-Length: Tea-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Tea-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

The key to finding the perfect bridesmaid dress is taking into consideration the theme and the formality of your wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid dresses should also provide contrast to your wedding dress to help you “stand out” in the crowd.

Today, more and more brides choose tea-length bridesmaid dresses for their female attendants. When we say tea-length, we’re referring to a dress with a hemline that falls anywhere from below the knee to above the ankles.

In a way you can say that the tea-length bridesmaid dress has a youthful and modern in-between length. In short, it’s a hybrid between a full-length gown and a cocktail dress.

The Advantages of a Tea-Length Dress

Tea-length dresses are perfect for summer or spring weddings. The relatively short hemline allows your bridesmaids to feel more comfortable while wearing their respective wedding garb.

Your bridesmaids can also wave goodbye to mobility issues they would have otherwise encountered had they been wearing full gowns to your wedding ceremony.

Another advantage of choosing tea-length dresses for your bridesmaids is that it saves your female attendants from the worry of getting grass stains or sand on the hem of their dresses. You no longer have to worry about huge dry cleaning bills because tea-length dresses won’t sweep through sand or wet grass

Aside from being comfortable, easy to keep clean and functional, the tea-length dress is also considered ideal for casual and semi-formal wedding ceremonies. The tea length bridesmaid dress is not only incredibly versatile, it’s also universally flattering. Due to its comfortable, modern and stylish appearance, the tea-length bridesmaid dress has become incredibly popular in recent years.

All these dresses also come with varying necklines, dress shapes, colors and styles. Although it would be very well to have all your bridesmaids appear like carbon copies of each other, it’s better to take into consideration your bridesmaids’ varying heights, skin colors and body shapes. Find a healthy compromise between creating a unified appearance to help emphasize your wedding theme and finding tea-length dresses that flatter your bridesmaids’ figures.

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