For Grooms Only: Cummerbund Set Buying Guide

For a formal wedding, you have no other recourse but to wear a fashionable and extremely flattering tuxedo. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be James Bond or Cary Grant to look spectacular in men’s formal wear. With the right tuxedo style and accessories, you’re certain to have your bride and probably the rest of the female attendants swooning from your good looks and irresistible charms.

It’s extremely tempting to simply let your bride pick out your wedding tuxedo for you; after all, she probably wants a say on what you get to wear to the big event. However, wouldn’t it be much nicer to find a tuxedo that suits you and reflects your personal style?

Remember that finding the perfect tuxedo does not end with just the trousers, the shirt and the jacket; you also need the right accessories to complete your suave and debonair look. When it comes to adding color and personal style to your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with either a great vest or a wonderful cumberbund.

In this article, we’re covering cumberbunds and how you can find the right one to accessorize your wedding getup.

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The Cumberbund

The cumberbund is a waist sash that is a prerequisite in men’s formal wear. Although some grooms prefer to wear the cumberbund for white tie affairs, most men prefer to wear the special waistcoat on ultra-formal occasions instead.

Cumberbunds are usually worn with a single breasted tuxedo jacket, matching trousers and a dress shirt. A cumberbund provides a much needed flair and panache to an otherwise boring and colorless outfit. Another great reason to go for a cumberbund is that it can also be used to mask possible sizing faults when wearing a rented tuxedo.

There are many different types of cumberbunds available on the market. These waist sashes come in a number of interesting patterns, designs and colors, and can be anything from a simple pleated sash to an extravagantly designed waist sash.

A cumberbund can have either an elasticized back or a buckle attachment designed to provide a better fit for the wearer. Although you can use a cumberbund to give your outfit a dash of color, keep in mind that it’s important that your cumberbund matches your tie.

If you happen to be a stickler to the simple fashion rule that accessories need to match the rest of your wardrobe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that most cumberbunds today come with matching ties. It’s an absolutely convenient choice for fashion-challenged individuals.

When to Wear the Cumberbund

Cumberbunds are usually worn to semi-formal or black tie events like proms, weddings and even christenings.

Rules for Wearing a Cumberbund

The first fashion rule that you have to remember is that you never wear a cumberbund with a vest.

Also keep in mind that if you’re planning on wearing a single-breasted jacket to your wedding, you will be required to wear a cumberbund or a vest. Single-breasted jackets are usually left open or unbuttoned, so make sure your tie and your cumberbund match

Next, remember that you’re not supposed to wear a belt with your wedding outfit. If you need something to hold your trousers up, go for excellent suspenders instead.

If you’re on the “rounder” side, forgo the cumberbund in favor of the vest. Cumberbunds serve to highlight the groom’s trim waistline. If you have difficulties or insecurities when it comes to your midsection, it’s best to hide behind a stylish tuxedo vest.

Lastly, although cumberbunds may come in different designs and colors, for a very formal wedding, it’s best to pick a silk cumberbund in a traditional or subdued shade or tint: gray, black and red waist sashes are highly recommended.

Choosing Your Cumberbund:

Tip 1: Black is always the safe choice.

If you’re unsure of what cumberbund color or design to go for, black is always your safest and classiest option.

Tip 2: If your bride allows it, use the cumberbund to add color to your outfit.

If you have specific wedding color themes, then you can wear a cumberbund that either complements your bride’s jewelry color and wedding dress color, or your cumberbund could reflect the color of your bridesmaids’ gowns.

Tip 3: Go for a brocade cumberbund for a touch of style.

Brocade cumberbunds are very popular with grooms these days. These sashes are not only highly decorative, they’re also incredibly sophisticated looking. When going for a brocade cumberbund, choose between a pleated or a plain sash.

Tip 4: Make sure your cumberbund and your tie match.

An outrageous cumberbund with a plain tie spells fashion disaster. Avoid being your wedding’s designated fashion victim, and pick a cumberbund that not only goes well with your tuxedo but also matches your tie completely.

Tip 5: Lastly, try on your cumberbund to find the perfect one for you.

Cumberbunds usually come in one adjustable size. Whether you’re on the incredibly lanky or the overly healthy side, it’s always best to try on your cumberbund before making a purchase to avoid having to come back to the store to have it replaced.

Wish your groom can change their cummerbunds this easy, hit the video below to watch.

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