Everything You Need to Know About Tuxedo Shirts

When looking for the perfect wedding attire, you first need to consider how formal the occasion is and what the other guests will be wearing. If you’re purchasing clothes for your own wedding, then all the more reason to look as suave and debonair as possible. For a formal wedding, you simply can’t go wrong with the right tuxedo.

You don’t need to be James Bond to look spectacular in a classic tuxedo; you just need to make sure you find a tuxedo that fits right and makes you look and feel absolutely wonderful on your big day.

Just like all the other types of multi-piece formal wear on the market, you need to make sure that each piece of your tuxedo ensemble goes together brilliantly. The tuxedo shirt, also known as the formal shirt, is an integral part of your wedding attire. It’s imperative that you find the perfect tuxedo shirt to go with your entire outfit. To help you with your search, we’re providing you with a list of information on all the different types and designs of tuxedo shirts available on the market.

Collar Styles

Just like their less formal counterparts, tuxedo shirts come in varying collar styles. The following are some of the most popular tuxedo shirt collar styles available:

  • Crosswick Collar: The crosswick collar is the perfect collar choice for the modern groom. Its unconventional collar has a crossover style that lets you get away with forgoing the traditional tie. Like the mandarin collar shirt, the crosswick collar works best with a button cover.
  • Laydown Collar: Only second in popularity to the infamous wing collar shirt, the laydown collar shirt is characterized by its simple and elegant design. The laydown collar shirt is of the same collar style as your regular button-down polo shirt.
  • Mandarin Collar: The mandarin collar shirt, also known as the band collar shirt, provides a very contemporary and stylish look. Its collar is a solid band that circles the neck and can be fastened with a single button. To add more panache to your outfit, slip on an elegant and jewel-encrusted button cover. Mandarin collar shirts are best worn with a nehru jacket.
  • Tunnel Collar: The tunnel collar is a lot like the wing collar. It works well with bow ties, ascots and standard neckties. Unlike the wing collar, however, the tunnel collar has a bit of fabric that covers the back portion of your shirt, keeping your bow tie effectively hidden.
  • Wing Collar: The wing collar presents a collar style that works exceptionally well with a bow tie. Wing collars are a lot like mandarin collars, save for two small wing tips located on the shirt’s front.
  • Bib Designs: The term “bib” refers to a part of the front portion of your tuxedo shirt. The following are some of the basic bib designs and styles available.
  • Flat Front Shirts: Flat front shirts are design-less and frill-free shirts.
  • Pique Shirts: Pique shirts use tightly woven fabric with numerous raised designs. Most of these patterns consist of diamond shapes that cover the entire shirt or just the bib of the formal shirt.
  • Pinwale Shirts: The word “pinwale” refers to a specific fabric called pinwale corduroy. Pinwale corduroy has narrow ribbing throughout the fabric. With pique shirts, the ribbing is usually incredibly tight making the shirt design hardly noticeable from a distance.
  • Pleated or Pintucked Shirts: Pleats are shirt patterns or designs created by folding fabric to create accordion-like folds. The pleat size or width can be anywhere from one eighth of an inch to an entire inch wide. These pleats are either pressed or sewn in place. Shirts with incredibly small pleats are called pintucked shirts. With pintucked shirts, pleats must be sewn in place.
  • Ruffled Shirts: Ruffles are created by gathering fabric and stitching or sewing the design together for a decorative appearance.

Cuff Designs

The term “cuff” refers to the fabric located at the end of your sleeves. Buttons can be sewn to the cuff or cuff links can be used for proper fastening

  • Barrel Cuff: Barrel cuffs may not be as sophisticated as their French counterparts, but they are a lot more practical. You can simply button your cuffs closed or you can slip on button covers to add design to your wardrobe.
  • French Cuff: French cuffs are definitely more traditional and elegant than the barrel cuff. Although you can’t really button your cuffs closed, you can use expensive and elegant cuff links with this style.

Fabric Choice

Fabric choice is an important option when it comes to personal comfort and preference.

  • 100 % Cotton/ Pure Cotton Shirts: When it comes to tuxedo shirts, “pure cotton” is synonymous with “supreme luxury.” The texture and the softness of the fabric bring to both the mind and the senses images of opulence and fineries. Pure cotton shirts may be pricey, but they’re definitely worth every penny.
  • Microfiber Shirts: If you want a lightweight fabric that breathes, then microfiber is the right fabric for you. Microfiber shirts are perfect for summer weddings and humid outdoor weddings.
  • Poly-Cotton Blends/ Poly-Cotton Shirts: Poly-cotton shirts are part polyester and part cotton. These shirts are less expensive than their pure cotton counterparts, but are stiffer and less comfortable than microfiber and 100 % cotton shirts.

Shirt Colors

While most shirt styles come predominantly in white, some shirt styles, like the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, are known for their colorful varieties. For an informal wedding, consider adding color to your suit or tuxedo with a colored formal shirt; if your wedding is ultra-formal, then we suggest that you stick with classic white. Colors will only diminish the formality of your attire.

The key to buying the right tuxedo shirt is be familiar with all these different styles and figure out which style works best for you. Remember to consider comfort, price, style and setting when it comes to picking out formal shirts.

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