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Double Breasted Tuxedo – Double the Style, Twice the Formality

When it comes to men’s fashion, nothing says dressed to impress better than a stylish tuxedo. The tuxedo is the epitome of elegance and panache when it comes to men’s formal wear.

If you’re the type of guy who spends most of his day in casual garb, like khaki or denim pants and a cool rocker tee-shirt, then you probably think picking the perfect wedding tuxedo will be as easy as shopping for socks. However, finding the right tuxedo is not as simple as you may think.

There are many different tuxedo styles available on the market, but the good news is that you have two primary choices when it comes to buying a tuxedo, and your choice depends mostly on how formal your wedding ceremony is going to be.

For ultra-formal weddings, nothing beats the double breasted tuxedo. The following information should help you find the perfect double breasted tuxedo on the market.

The Double Breasted Tuxedo

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Just like any other tuxedo or tux, the double breasted tuxedo includes several matching garments and accessories including the cummerbund or the vest, the tie or the bow tie, and the matching trousers or pants.

The term double breasted refers to the style of the tuxedo jacket. Double breasted tuxedo jackets usually have very wide over-flaps and a couple of parallel columns of satin-covered buttons on the jacket’s front.

The double breasted tuxedo is designed to emphasize the bulk or the breadth of a man’s shoulders and frame. If you’re looking to add the illusion of bulk to your body, the double breasted tuxedo is perfect for you.

Choosing a Double Breasted Tuxedo

When picking out your double breasted tuxedo, you need to find a tux that matches or complements your bride’s dress. Can you just imagine how disastrous the photo-ops would be if your tux and your bride’s dress had clashing colors or designs? Picking the right double breasted tuxedo means making a stylish and yet practical choice and seeking the balance between aesthetics and comfort.

The Color

The color of your double breasted tuxedo will depend on your personal style and the time of your wedding.

There’s one basic rule when it comes to tuxedo color: thou shall not wear a black tuxedo to a daytime affair. Black may be the color of elegance, but keep your black tux in reserve for night time formal events.

White-on-white or ivory-on-ivory tuxedos are extremely popular for day weddings. You can also go for a dark gray tuxedo or, for a more informal setting, a brown tux or a white jacket with black trousers.

When night time hits, go for classic black or be brave in ivory.

The Lapel

There are three main types of jacket lapels you can choose from. If you plan to have a handkerchief tucked in your jacket pocket or a fancy boutonnière pinned to the lapel, you have to make a very wise choice in this category.

  • Peaked/Peak Lapel: The peaked lapel has two points of fabric running on each side of the jacket that project upwards. Near the lapel and the collar, the fabric narrows and disappears into the jacket
  • Notch Lapel: The notch lapel has a V-shaped cut with the fabric pointing inward where the lapel and the collar meet the actual jacket. This type of lapel is great for accentuating width, so you may want to steer clear from this choice if you’re on the round or short side.
  • Shawl Collar: The shawl collar has a rounded jacket lapel. The style rolls back and tapers continuously until it meets the jacket. There are double-shawl collars designed to reveal the jacket’s satin lining.

The double breasted tuxedo will look absolutely smashing on you if you have a small or thin frame.

Accessorizing the Suit

Most designers will tell you that you no longer need a vest or a cummerbund under your double breasted tuxedo. Since the jacket is usually closed, no one will notice if you’re wearing a low cut vest or a colorful cummerbund. We say, you can wear the traditional cummerbund or vest under your tuxedo if you want. For less formal evening weddings, you can even unbutton your jacket if you like. In short, the choice is yours.

If your double breasted tuxedo happens to have a pocket, then you can add a dash of color by tucking in a well-ironed handkerchief. A common look sported by many grooms includes a lovely boutonnière pinned to the jacket lapel.

When to Wear It

Double breasted tuxedos are generally worn on very formal occasions or white tie events. If you’re planning an extremely formal wedding, you may need to find a double breasted tuxedo with full tails to add even more formality to your attire.

See their most elegant attires on their wedding day as the groom get excited for his bride.

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