Blast from the Past: The Renaissance Wedding Dress

Blast from the Past: The Renaissance Wedding Dress

The Renaissance era may be 400 years gone, but there’s no denying the fact that the influences of this period continues today. We’re not just talking about humanism, art and music, we’re also referring to fashion trends. Most fashionistas will probably peg Renaissance fashion as severely and atrociously outdated, but try saying that to the numerous brides donning Renaissance wedding dresses.

With the definition of Renaissance being: “reconstruction” and “rebirth”, most Renaissance wedding dress designers choose to create wonderfully ornate garments that combine the grandeur and luxury of the old with the sewing techniques of the modern age.

As your guide to anything and everything about Renaissance wedding dresses, we’re providing you with a list of information on this wedding dress style.

What Is It?

As you no doubt already understand from its name, the Renaissance wedding dress refers to a specific gown style. The style and the design of the Renaissance wedding gown is patterned after the fashion trends during the 1400s until the 1600s.

Renaissance wedding gowns are more demure or covered than today’s wedding dress designs, but are also just as elegant and stylish as their modern counterparts. These wedding dresses come in different colors and designs, with slight variations on skirt styles and necklines.

The similarities of all the different Renaissance wedding gowns include long-sleeves and a long, flowing or A-Line skirt.

Why We Love It

How can you not love something that pays homage to history? Although you may find it difficult to locate an authentic and still wearable Renaissance wedding dress, you will find that many designers these days give you the opportunity to have a historical themed wedding.

The intricate designs and detailing, and the fabulous use of texture and fabrics are all elements taken into consideration to create gorgeous Renaissance wedding garments. Most of the fabrics used in the creation of these gowns are luxurious and expensive, giving you an aura of being majestic and terrific, deserving only the best of what the world can give.

Luxurious, elegant and almost sinful in their opulence-these are just some of the adjectives we can use to describe these fabulous Renaissance wedding dresses.

Where to Look

Although you can find a number of historically accurate replicas of actual Renaissance wedding dresses in specialty stores, you also need an excellent bank account for these dresses. Let’s put it this way:

Renaissance wedding dresses in specialty stores and antique shops are hardly ever cheap. In fact, unless you’ve got a bank account that doesn’t bleed or drain easily, then its best to start looking for your gown elsewhere.

To save money, you can find numerous affordable but equally ornate Renaissance wedding dresses online. The great thing about online stores is that you get to browse their selections without having one or two salespeople tail you while you conduct your ocular inspection and shopping escapade.

Purchasing your Renaissance wedding dress online also allows you to save money through price comparisons. When making your purchase online, double-check the wedding dress size to make sure you’re buying the right-size garment. There’s nothing more disappointing than trying on your expensive wedding gown only to find out it doesn’t fit.

What to Look For

What sets an incredible Renaissance wedding dress apart from its unimpressive counterparts are the intricacy of the dress design and its detailing. When making your purchase, remember to find a Renaissance wedding dress with an elaborate design that you like.

Remember, these dresses also come in different colors. So, if you’re feeling a little less traditional, and you’re looking to add some color to your wedding ceremony, you can. Just make sure you pick a gown color that matches or complements your wedding color theme.

Lastly, pick a dress that flatters your figure best. There are two main Renaissance wedding dress styles, both of which vary only in the neckline, the design and the style of the dress’skirt.

If you’re looking to show off your shoulders, then a wedding gown reminiscent of the clothes worn by Shakespeare’s Juliet is in order. This type of gown is usually scoop neck, with long sleeves, an empire waist, ruffles or beading and a long, flowing skirt. There are usually at least two different fabrics used for this gown style, with parts of the underdress showing.

Another common gown style includes a fitted and usually boned bodice or doublet as part of the gown. In most cases, the closure of the Renaissance wedding dress is found at the center back portion of the dress. Sleeves are typically slashed, with at least two different fabric layers. There is an overskirt that is split in the middle to show off the delicate underdress. The neckline is usually square or bateau to show off the bride’s shoulders, neck and a bit of décolletage.

Finding the Right Accessories

Staying true to Renaissance fashion, you need a great headpiece or tiara for your Renaissance wedding getup. You can use a tiara or headpiece fashioned out of fresh flowers to help keep your veil in place. If you’re not wearing a veil, the tiara or the headpiece can be a great way to add some color to your gown.

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