An Intricate Wedding Sherwani for the Indian Groom

The wedding ceremony is an all-important and recognized event in the world. It is an occasion to celebrate the union of partners in the eyes of the law and the couple’s church. Weddings are typically celebrated with great merriment and festivity, in the manner by which the ceremony is celebrated differing from culture to culture.

Despite the freedom to celebrate weddings in a modern fashion, most couples today still believe in having a traditional wedding. A traditional wedding isn’t all about strictness and propriety; in fact, it can be a nice way to incorporate old customs and a slice of your country’s culture into your nuptials.

When it comes to traditional weddings, finding the right wedding attire is just as crucial as having the right vows and practices. In India, wedding attire varies according to ethnicity, culture and religion. In this article, we will tackle one of the most popular types of groomswear in India: the Sherwani.

The Sherwani

The Sherwani is a coat-like garment that resembles a doublet or an Achkan. It is mostly worn by men in South Asia, with the exception of Pakistan where women have already started wearing this beautiful and elegant garment.

Sherwani coats are made to be somewhat form-fitting with a button-down front. These coats usually fall to the wearer’s knees and feature a lot of detailing or embroidery on the fabric. Most South Asian grooms prefer the Sherwani over other wedding attire.

When picking out your Sherwani, it’s important to look into the different fabric styles available. Your fabric choice will directly affect the overall look of your wedding attire. Different fabrics may be used to create Sherwanis, but silk remains the most popular and luxurious fabric choice available on the market.

Sherwani prices also vary according to the intricacy of the design and the quality of the Sherwani material. Although the prices may appear steep at first, a momentous occasion like your wedding is well worth the pricey investment in a great Sherwani.

The Wedding Sherwani

The wedding Sherwani is often worn by Pakistani and North Indian grooms. It is usually worn over the Khara Pajama, the Salwar or the Kurta with Churidar. The Salwar is a type of pajama-like pants that is loose on the hips area, but slowly tapers as it reaches the bottom. While the Khara Pajama, on the other hand, is the parallel fitting variation of the salwar. Lastly, the Churidar refers to the tighter version of the salwar.

Sherwani coats can be extremely flattering on tall and well-built grooms. The Nehru collar on the coat adds additional panache to this wedding attire. Traditionally, Sherwanis came only in off-white, but today, you will find these coats available in darker colors and with more exquisite designs.

For a more glamorous appearance, find a Sherwani that comes with ornate embroideries, sequin, zardosi and stone work. You can even find these beautiful wedding clothes decorated with expensive and absolutely ritzy Swarovski crystals.

Complete your wedding Sherwani with the right flowing kurtas with churidars, jodhpurs, ghatcholas, Indian sandals or jooties. It is usually worn with a matching sash or scarf and a turban to complement the attire.

Look your most regal and elegant in the right wedding Sherwani.

Historical and Cultural Significance of the Wedding Sherwani

The early beginnings of the Sherwani started in the kingdoms of Central Asia where this coat was worn by nobles of Persian and Turkish descent. During this period, the Sherwani was the height of formal fashion and was considered a court dress. The garment made its first appearance in India during the reign of the Delhi Sultanate, but was immensely popularized by the Mughals.

Since the middle ages, the Sherwani has been considered the epitome of elegance and dignity when it comes to the Indian man’s wardrobe. Due to its highly elegant appearance, the Sherwani has earned the nickname, “the costume for kings.” It is often associated with royalty and style, and is hardly ever worn as everyday wear.

What makes the Sherwani so appealing is the outfit’s undeniable sophistication. It is by far the favorite wedding attire for grooms because of its intricate embroidery and detailing.

The Best Sherwani for your Groom, click the video below.

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