A-Line Bridesmaids Dresses A Fashionable Choice

The bridesmaid is an important member of any wedding entourage. In each wedding party, there are usually at least two bridesmaids and one maid-of-honor. While the bridesmaid may not be the one getting married, it’s important that she looks lovely and presentable during the ceremony.

Bridesmaid dresses, just like wedding dresses, come in many different designs, styles, colors and sizes. Whether you’re the bride searching for universally flattering styles to complement all your bridesmaids, or you’re a bridesmaid given the chance to design your own bridesmaid dress, the A-Line gown is always a welcome and perfect dress style option.

The Figure-Flattering A-Line

An A-Line gown is a type of skirt or dress silhouette that has a narrow top that flares gracefully towards the bottom, creating an “A-shaped” form. What makes this gown style particularly lovable is that it’s universally flattering, meaning regardless of height, shape or size, an A-Line gown is figure-flattering.

While a bridesmaid may not be able to overshadow the actual bride during the ceremony, she’s bound to look absolutely smashing in a simple and elegant A-Line gown. The cut and the lines of this gown style are very elegant and classic; what’s more is that this skirt style works well with any type of neckline or bodice.

If your bridesmaid has a well-defined waist:

A-Line gowns are perfect for women with small or well-defined waists. Hip size is no longer a matter of concern with this type of gown. The “A” or triangular shape of the gown’s skirt works well with both slim and wide hips alike, effectively concealing the wearer’s actual hip width or size.

The only fashion rule that needs to be followed is to have a wider skirt base if the wearer has wide hips. For pear-shaped bridesmaids, it’s important to find an A-Line gown with a wide flare that balances out the body’s proportions.

If your bridesmaid has a small bust:

For girls with small busts, it’s crucial to pick out a neckline that enhances the bosom. Jewel necklines and bateau necklines will help give the wearer a curvier appearance.

If your bridesmaid has a ticker waist:

Women with thick waists require a neckline that balances out the heavy frame, creating the illusion of a curvier and sexier figure. Scoop necklines and off-the-shoulder bodices are great neckline options for the A-Line gown.

Whatever design or style you decide on, base your decision on body shape and physical assets.

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