6 Basic Pre Marriage Questions – Be Prepared

An unfortunate reality of society today is that the divorce rate is climbing. Nobody wants to be part of that statistic so many people, before deciding to walk down the aisle, decide to seek out some basic pre marriage questions and make sure they are making the right decision at the right time in their lives, giving them peace of mind that their relationship is ready and they are perfect for one another.

Whether you are already engaged or hoping to be soon, you and your loved one should ask yourself a few questions to make sure you’re both ready for the road ahead. If you haven’t covered the “tough” topics about love and marriage, it’s never too late to sit down with your fiance and make a very important investment in the rest of your lives by going over some pre marriage questions.

This is not about one of those “free marriage compatibility tests.” Instead going over pre marriage questions with your partner should be considered more of a very important checklist! While a lot of us can get caught up in marriage, or the whole wedding planning thing for that matter, a little foresight can help solve the basic reasons for conflict and put you on the fast track for a prosperous, healthy and happy life together.

“. . . sit down with your fiance and make a very important investment in the rest of your lives by going over some pre marriage questions.”

Because there is no way to even come close to covering all the various facets of life that can occur in your marriage in this short article, at the end of this article you will find our recommendation of a very valuable book for pre marriage questions — it very well might be the most important purchase you will make for your marriage. However, if your budget does not allow for that purchase, the following will give you some great ideas on the basic minimum of discussions you should have before tying the knot.

6 Basic Pre Marriage Questions & Things to Consider

  1. Talk about your likes and dislikes together. You should work to understand your own likes and dislikes, as well as your partner’s. See how they are similar and different and if they might cause any tension. If so, work on a solution that will please you both.
  2. Identify and discuss your religious and political beliefs. These can be hot button issues for some so if you have dramatic differences, are you going to have huge conflicts in your home?
  3. This question may seem like a job interview, but it’s important to know the answers and to be open with one another. Ask what your partner’s credit score is and if they have ever been convicted of a crime.
  4. What jobs and career goals does your partner have for themselves and are they something you can see yourself supporting?
  5. You should also consider things like each others relatives, customs, and traditions and which ones will be honored.
  6. Think about finances and who will handle them the best.

While some of these pre marriage questions can often come off as a job interview, it’s important, though, that you truly understand one another, and make sure you can work towards compromise and resolution.

Proper planning can lead to a lifetime of happiness, which is why we believe the 1000 Questions for Couples book recommended below is very worthwhile for any couple looking at matrimony; it will help you go over life’s “things” with your soon-to-be-spouse that you might not have thought about on your own.

Recommended Book for Pre Marriage Questions

1000 Questions for Couples. You can find detailed information about 1000 Questions for Couples and the author, Michael Webb, under our Resources & Reviews section. The review is titled What’s the Best Thing you can do Before you get Married?

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